Letter to Senator Stabenow

Dear Senator Stabenow:

I have contacted you before–never receiving any response. I haven’t supported you because you have always supported former President Obama in all his policies. I feel  he has done more to divide this country than any other president. When he began to disparage our policemen growing a movement of disrespect for our men in blue, you never said a word.  When he started with racist remarks that have contributed to the increase of  the growing racial divide we now experience, you never spoke up.  You supported Obamacare even though it has proved a disaster and admitted it was intended to be by its author.  Now the Democratic party, instead of spending its time working to solve our country’s serious problems, is bent on wasting time and money on lies and deceptions to undo our duly elected president. Your party is no longer the Democratic party my immigrant father supported one hundred years ago.  It has become the Communist Party bent on taking over this country! Why don’t you step out of the sheep pen and stand up for what you know is right. You might even change my mind about you!