Bumstead Supported Bills Restoring Many of the Governor’s Budget Cuts

from Michigan State Senator Jon Bumstead’s Legislative Update

Last October, the governor vetoed nearly $1 billion from the budget, cutting critical funding for law enforcement, hospitals, local governments, college students, children in charter and rural schools, and more. The governor also used a rarely used administrative board to transfer an additional $625 million in funding.

These cuts hurt Michigan families and communities across the state, which is why I supported legislation to restore much of the critical funding that was vetoed or transferred by the governor.

Senate Bills 152 and 154 restored a total of $573.5 million of the governor’s nearly $950 million in vetoed funding and $625 million in administrative transfer funding.

Additionally, in the wake of the governor’s cuts and funding transfers, I supported legislation to make important reforms to the budget process that will preserve reliability and oversight and restore balance in the funding transfer process.

These bills were signed by the governor on Dec. 31 with immediate effect.