Village of Fruitport Council Meeting Minutes – 06/15/20

JUNE 15TH, 2020

1. Call to Order
President Roger Vanderstelt called the meeting to order at 7:01pm.

2. Roll Call
Present: Roger Vanderstelt, Amy Haack, Jeff Guiles, Carl Rothenberger, Jay Bolt, Will Overkamp, Donna Pope and Ann LaCroix

3. Approval of June 15th Council Meeting Agenda
Motion made by Bill to approve the agenda, supported by Jeff. With a unanimous vote the motion carried.

4. Approval of May 18th council meeting minutes
Motion made by Donna to approve the meeting minutes, supported by Jeff. With a unanimous vote the motion carried.

5. Public Comment

6. Correspondence

7. Reports from Officers

8. 2019-2020 Audit Review
Calvin Meeusen, CPA reviewed the last fiscal year audit in detail. He discussed all 3 of the Village Funds, Major Streets, Local Streets, and the General Fund. Calvin gave the Village an A+ rating.

9. Dancing into Sunset 2020 Season
Sue Halter addressed the council regarding the upcoming season. Sue would like to start the 2020 season on July 2nd. The council agreed to that date. She will follow the social distancing guidelines that are in place at the time.

10. New Storage Building at DPW
Roger reviewed multiple bids with the council. Council requested additional information. It will be reviewed again at the next council meeting.

11. 2020 3rd Avenue Project
Jay gave an update on the 2020 3rd Avenue Project. Bidding will take approximately on July 10th.

12. Bridge Street Bridge Grant
Jay advised that the Bridge Street Bridge grant has been submitted for fiscal year 2023.

13. Kayak Launch
Amy gave on update on the Kayak Launch project. The site has been surveyed by Prein & Newhoff. She discussed high water levels. She will know more in the next couple of weeks.
She will continue to update council on the status of the DNR funding.

14. Senior Millage
Amy advised that we received information back from Muskegon County on our application for funding of the handicap parking lot near the bandshell. We did not receive approval for the funding. Amy is waiting on information regarding the $7000.00 funding.

15. Boat Launch
a. Update – Roger gave an update on the boat launch use. He has been down at the launch every weekend assisting boater. He advised that our boat launch attendant is starting on July 3rd. Roger advised that the boat launch area, 4th Street parking and bike path need to be recoated.

b. New Sign – Roger advised that we need a new sign at the Boat Launch area. Ann will contact Compass designs for a couple of drawings and quotes to be presented at the next council meeting.

c. Veterans/Annual Permits – both Roger and Amy have been asked if we provide free or discounted annual boat launch passes to disabled veterans. We currently do not. Council discussed an agreed that we should provide discounted passes to all veterans. Carl suggested a discounted rate of $25.00. Council agreed and will discuss implementing it when setting the boat launch fees for next year.

16. Public Comment
Denise Kelly, 157 8th Avenue, questioned her request from the last council meeting about the road in front of her home. Roger agreed to contact Asphalt Paving and will go to the site with another council member to review it.

17. Warrants
Motion made by Jeff to approve the warrants, supported by Carl.
Roll call AYES: Haack, Rothenberger, Overkamp, Bolt, Guiles and Vanderstelt
NAYS: None
Absent: Pope (who dropped off call at 8:00pm.)

18. Adjournment
Motion made by Amy to adjourn the meeting at 8:20pm, supported by Carl. With a unanimous vote, the motion carried.

Submitted by,
Ann LaCroix – Clerk