COVID Relief for Abortion?

submitted by Chris Gast, Director of Communication/Education |

On March 10, Congress approved a $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill. One thing conspicuously missing from the bill is the Hyde Amendment.

The Hyde Amendment prevents taxpayer dollars from directly funding abortions. It’s not a law, but a clause added to the annual budget and other spending bills. Even though a majority of U.S. Senators voted to add it, arcane budget rules meant the vote failed, and the handful of Democrats who supported the Hyde Amendment weren’t willing to vote against the final bill.

It should surprise nobody that the relief bill is written in such a way that Planned Parenthood can easily steal your money.

If you think “steal” is a strong word, remember that even though previous COVID-19 relief exempted Planned Parenthood from receiving money, some of their affiliates still knowingly applied and received your tax dollars. With President Biden running the show, instead of legal accountability, Planned Parenthood is lavishly rewarded for breaking the law.

When’s the last time you were rewarded by the government for breaking the law?

Planned Parenthood isn’t close to being in danger of closing like other life-sustaining businesses. In the last five years they have made a combined profit of more than $600 MILLION DOLLARS. They made their most recent $69.7 million annual profit in spite of President Trump’s Protect Life Rule—which President Biden will soon delete. Every year their services decline, their abortions increase, and you pay more of their bills—indirect funding of abortion.

This relief bill sets a dangerous precedent and Planned Parenthood is already demanding the Hyde Amendment never appear again in any budget. They will never have enough of your money. Will the three Democrats who voted for the Hyde Amendment in the relief bill have the courage to “shutdown” the government in the next budget fight if the Hyde Amendment is missing?

Planned Parenthood never had to close during the pandemic like local businesses or even real medical clinics. Governor Whitmer called their abortion work “life-sustaining.” Your favorite restaurant can’t call up Warren Buffet and ask for a few million dollars like Planned Parenthood does. The Abortion Industry doesn’t need pandemic relief, and pandemic relief should be about preserving life, not taking it.

If America suffered the Apocalypse, it seems the only thing pro-abortion legislators would have the government keep running is the Abortion Industry—to take care of any pesky survivors in the womb.