Healing West Michigan Conference – April 29th, 2021


Muskegon, Michigan — First time and possibly the only time you’ll be able to learn from Dr. Neil Anderson, live, in Muskegon. He’ll be here on Thursday, April 29th starting at 9:00 a.m. He is the keynote speaker for this free all day conference designed to teach more people how they can help those emotionally hurting. Reservations are required, go to bit.ly/lovengraceheals. The event will be held at Fellowship Church, 4200 E Apple Ave., Muskegon, MI 49442.

The morning presentation is titled: Resolving personal and spir3itual conflicts. This is a real eye opener for people that work directly with people whether it’s medical, in a school, in the workplace or in the church.

• How is God an integral part of the discipleship/counseling process?
• What are the unique roles and responsibilities of the encourager, inquirer, and Holy Spirit?
• How can believers be free from demonic influences?

Dr. Anderson often has been keynote speaker for national conferences with psychologists so the second part of his presentation is titled, Why integration of theology and psychology.

• Why is a biblical worldview essential for the integration of theology and psychology?
• Where do counseling, discipling, deliverance, and inner healing intersect?
• How does the spiritual world interplay with the natural world?

In each session guests will receive take-home tools they can use to help those hurting and be given an opportunity to engage in the work of healing through Love N Grace Healing Centers.

The big secret is there is never a cost to those receiving care, their job is to heal. Donors and grants are what make care for children and adults possible through any of Love N Grace’s programs.

Mark and Christine Fazakerley are sponsoring the lunch. They continue to be a long time sponsor of the non-profit because of the children suffering from adverse childhood experiences. The children have had so many family, loneliness and anxiety issues before the pandemic. Now things are even harder for them to learn and thrive. The Fazakerleys just want the students to have all the tools they can to be successful students and Love N Grace’s Empowered Kids school program is an important part of the students’ success.

About Love N Grace Healing Centers

It’s time to heal. Dr. Anderson’s work was the launching pad for the Love N Grace Healing Centers, a 501C3 non-profit, located right here in Muskegon. Along with program material put together by the founder, Rev. Debra Yonkers, clients report over 80% of the time that after going through the program they can now live life healed. Come learn from Dr. Neil T Anderson how and why this simple addition to a client’s existing care has such a positive impact.

Rev. Debra Yonkers, executive director of Love N Grace Healing Centers, said the increase in emotional and spiritual issues from 2020 and into 2021 have really impacted those we care for.

As you already know people are crying for help and stats show it:
An increase in:

Overdoses and relapse
Students struggling in school
Suicide/Suicidal Ideation
Emergency Room visits for emotional health of children
Unhealthy Coping Choices

So many questions need answers, like:

Where’s God
Why would God…

Love N Grace Healing Centers can help will all of these issues by helping clients identify the root problem and bring truth into it.

About Dr. Neil T. Anderson

Neil was raised on a farm in Minnesota. He served his country for four years in the Navy. He worked for four years as an aerospace engineer before being called full time into the ministry. He has served the Lord as a high school campus pastor, and in the local church as a youth pastor, college pastor, associate pastor, and senior pastor. He taught for ten years at Talbot School of Theology and was the chairman of the Practical Theology Department. He is the Founder and President Emeritus of Freedom In Christ Ministries that has offices and representatives in forty countries, as well as hundreds of staff and ministry associates throughout the United States and Canada. He conducts conferences for Christian leaders around the world in addition to maintaining a heavy writing schedule. Neil stays involved with the academic community by teaching Doctor of Ministry classes. He stay fit by exercising regularly at the YMCA. Since 2014 he took care of his beloved Joanne who passed away October 2, 2018. He wrote about his experience in The Power of Presence.

Website: www.ficm.org & www.ficminternational.org