Muskegon County Courts Required to Limit In-Person Access to Courthouse

Effective April 7th 2021, all Muskegon County Courts are required to return to Phase 1 of the Michigan Supreme Court’s 4 phased plan to return Michigan’s trial courts to full capacity during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictive conditions limiting in-person access to court facilities is due to a continued increase in the number of positive COVID-19 tests, as well as the overall percentage of positive tests currently reported in Muskegon County. Returning to Phase 1 will limit the ways in which the general public is able to interact with the court and court staff.

For the general public, this means:

  1. Court offices will not be open to serve the general public on a ‘walk-in’ basis.
  2. Nearly all court hearings will now be required to be conducted virtually via Zoom video conferencing technology until further order of the court. If you have received a notice to appear in person for a Muskegon County Court hearing please contact the court at the number listed on your notice to appear to determine if your in-person appearance is required or to receive instructions on how to appear virtually. If you have an attorney and you are uncertain about whether you should appear in person or to appear remotely, please contact your attorney immediately.
  3. Individuals will be allowed into Muskegon County Hall of Justice only under very specific conditions. Other Muskegon County offices are not governed by the Michigan Supreme Court’s Return to Full Capacity Plan. You are encouraged to contact those respective offices directly regarding their hours of operation and accessibility to the general public.
  4. Everyone entering the Hall of Justice will be required to complete a health screening and everyone accessing court services will be required to wear a mask at all times while inside the building.
  5. Jury trials will be suspended until they can safely resume on a limited in-person basis. If you are called for jury service, please carefully follow the instructions on the summons that you receive and call the Jury Clerk at the number listed on your summons, if you have any questions.
  6. Court offices will continue to be staffed during normal business hours and general court business will continue to the maximum extent possible. Court ordered payments of fines, costs, and restitution can be made over the phone, through the mail, online by going to the Muskegon County Website, or by depositing a check or money order (including a case number) in the court drop boxes located outside the Muskegon County Hall of Justice. Filings for the 60th District Court may also be submitted via the drop box. Filings for the 14th Circuit Court must be made via e-mail at or through the U.S. Mail.

The Muskegon County Courts, along with their employees and judges, understand the hardship that these restrictions on access to court facilities create for citizens. However, our first obligation continues to be the health and safety of all we serve. Your continued patience and understanding is very much appreciated.