Eliminating the Protect Life Rule

submitted by Right to Life of Michigan

Shortly after being elected, President Biden announced his administration would begin the process of eliminating President Trump’s Protect Life Rule. On Monday, October 5th, President Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services officially rescinded it, meaning it will no longer be effective on November 8.

The Protect Life Rule stopped Planned Parenthood from violating federal law and taking Title X money to spend on abortion.

The Title X family planning program was created by President Nixon in 1970. From the beginning, the law creating the program specifically forbade funding from being used to provide or promote abortions. Yet for decades, Planned Parenthood took the lion’s share of the program’s funding. The money was used to pay for staff who helped perform abortions and facilities where abortions occurred.

President Reagan tried to stop this, but the Abortion Industry successfully delayed his effort in court until the Clinton administration. President Trump’s administration put together a comprehensive rule change to ensure the law was being followed: the Protect Life Rule.

Now, Planned Parenthood is set to rake in an estimated $60 million more tax dollars a year with President Biden’s formal decision Monday.

In the last decade—according to their own annual reports—Planned Parenthood posted a profit of more than $1 billion dollars. They received about $5 billion of your tax dollars from other sources than the federal Title X program, which was still fully funded while the Protect Life Rule was in effect. They don’t “need” more of your money.

After the Protect Life Rule was enacted, Planned Parenthood’s tax revenue actually increased, as pro-abortion states shoveled more cash into their bank accounts, and Planned Parenthood illegally stole pandemic relief funding—which President Biden refuses to prosecute. Despite this, Planned Parenthood claimed women were going without help unless you sent them—and only them—more of your money. They even increased their service fees, despite posting a profit of $69.7 million in 2019-2020, which was greater than what they lost from the Protect Life Rule.

Planned Parenthood’s corporate greed is insatiable, along with their desire to force you to be complicit in abortion.

The President’s actions since day one of his administration have shown he will never deviate from the Abortion Industry’s marching orders. Some people justified voting for Biden because he claimed he was personally prolife but unfortunately, last month he revoked those claims, reminding people that elections have consequences.