More than 56,000 Attend Route 66 God Loves You Tour

from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association


At a time when many people are experiencing fear, uncertainty and hopelessness, the God Loves You Tour traveled 2,000 miles and Franklin Graham shared a Gospel message in eight cities along historic Route 66. More than 56,000 people attended the free events of music and hope that started in the Chicago area and finished in the Los Angeles metro two weeks later.
Night after night, hundreds of people responded to the message of God’s love. In all, more than 4,500 people indicated they made decisions for Jesus Christ. In the eight cities Graham visited, people from more than 1,400 churches worked with the God Loves You Tour out of a desire to see the Good News shared in their communities. Those churches are now following up with the thousands of people who responded to the Gospel invitation.
“Times change, culture changes, but people’s need for a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ, doesn’t change,” said Franklin Graham, president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. “With all the bad news around us day in and day out, people need hope. I want people along Route 66—and the rest of this nation—to know that God loves them.”
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