Ottawa County Roads’ Seasonal Weight Restrictions Begin Tuesday, March 1

Seasonal weight restrictions go into effect Tuesday, March 1, at 6 a.m.

The Ottawa County Road Commission gives notice that at 6 a.m. Tuesday, March 1, 2022, spring weight restrictions will be in effect and strictly enforced on all county roads under their jurisdiction.

The Road Commission has implemented a 24-hour-a-day recorded answering system for the public to use to check the status of the seasonal weight restrictions. To access this message system please call (616) 842-0086 or 1-800-394-0290.

You can also visit our website,, to find the latest information about seasonal weight restrictions, as well as obtain all trucking-related maps and permit information. 

For a statewide list of counties and their weight restriction status, visit the County Road
Association of Michigan’s Seasonal Weight Restriction website at

Why seasonal weight restrictions are necessary

By law, road agencies can enact weight restrictions on any roads not designed as “all
season” roads. All season roads are much thicker and designed to allow trucking year-around.

The Road Commission employs weighmasters who enforce seasonal weight restrictions on county roads.

Weight restrictions lower axle loading limits and reduce maximum travel speeds for certain vehicles.

The Road Commission must strike a balance between “business as usual” and protecting the roads when determining to implement seasonal weight restrictions.

Road damage caused by heavy vehicles during winter and spring thaw periods is a problem that affects all northern states.


Unless a roadway has been designed and constructed for heavy vehicle loads year-round and designated to be an “all season” road, a significant loss of pavement strength occurs during a seasonal thaw.

The damage to a road is directly related to the amount and frequency of the loading applied.

Michigan law provides that the months of March, April and May are automatically reduced loading months, but the statute also allows the Road Commission to implement those restrictions earlier, or suspend reduced loading, depending upon the weather and road conditions.