Governor Whitmer Seeks Insurance Coverage for Abortions

Lansing, MI — On Wednesday, June 29, 2022, Governor Whitmer issued a letter to all insurance companies in the state of Michigan urging them to unlawfully expand abortion coverage.

Michigan’s Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act prevents insurance companies from covering abortions as a built-in benefit in their health insurance policies. The law was passed in response to taxpayers being forced to fund abortions through the Affordable Care Act state exchanges. The Opt-Out law was valid under Roe v. Wade and continues to be valid now.

The following statement is attributed to Right to Life of Michigan President, Barbara Listing:

This letter violates the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act that was passed in 2013 through citizen-initiated legislation. Since 2013, insurance companies have been prohibited from covering abortions, unless an individual purchased an abortion rider.

Governor Whitmer is treading on dangerous water by assuming that Judge Gleicher’s temporary injunction on our Michigan 1931 abortion law eliminates all pre-existing laws regulating abortion—it doesn’t. Regardless of Governor Whitmer’s inappropriate request to insurance companies, the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out law is still in place and violators of the law can be fined up to $10,000.

This plea to insurance companies encouraging them to break the law reveals Governor Whitmer’s plan to expand abortion until it’s unlimited and unregulated in Michigan.

View the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act here.