Muskegon County Homelessness Survey in Need of Volunteers

Muskegon County Homeless Continuum of Care Network Winter Point-in-Time Survey in Need of Volunteers

Muskegon, MI – On Wednesday, January 25, 2023, the Muskegon County Homeless Continuum of Care Network Outreach Committee is conducting the Winter Point in Time (PIT) Survey. Volunteers are needed to help our community take to the streets and help identify individuals who may be homeless and in need of services.

“We are reaching out to our community in hopes that they will join our Outreach Team in making everyone count; we as a community have to capability to make sure that all of our neighbors are able to receive help if they are in need.” states, Outreach Committee.

The PIT survey is conducted nationwide by communities to help analyze the number of people who are homeless and to help support requests to private and public entities for funding for both housing and services, all with the goal of ending homelessness. Without the data to support the need of our community, funds for assistance programs will not be made available. We need our community’s support.

“The PIT is extremely important to the work of stakeholders in this community who are committed to eradicating homelessness; it gives us pertinent data that is required to leverage federal and state funds for housing and most importantly it is an opportunity to interact with members of our community experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity and help them connect with services” states, Miranda Paggeot, Muskegon County Homeless Network Coordinator.

What: Muskegon County Homeless Continuum of Care Network Winter Point in-Time Survey
When: Wednesday, January 25th at 8 p.m.
Where: 1128 Roberts St Muskegon, MI, 49442

Volunteers and community members can meet the Outreach Team before conducting the survey at specific localities in Muskegon County.

If your agency or organization provides services to the homeless/at-risk population and would like to get involved, please contact Miranda Paggeot at

About the Muskegon County Homeless Continuum of Care Network: The MCHCCH is a Muskegon Community based organization that is supported by neighboring health and community-based organizations. Its main goal is to end homelessness in Muskegon County and to provide resources and services to the poor and homeless. For more information, visit