Dining with Diabetes Workshops

(Submitted by Michigan State University Extension)

“Meijer and Michigan State University Extension are partnering in the efforts to support healthier living,” Pam Daniels, MSU Extension Health Educator says. Meijer has donated $1,000.00 to the Dining with Diabetes workshops.

Class participants will be able to learn about Meijer’s NuVal Scoring System. The American Diabetes Association aligns with NuVal, which scores foods based on nutritional value. Meijer makes it easy by identifying power foods, while providing power-food recipes which will be implemented into the Dining with Diabetes menus.

Dining with Diabetes  is a five-session course designed for people at risk of diabetes or who have diabetes, as well as their family members. Through this class, participants learn the causes of diabetes; tools for managing diabetes; how to prepare healthy meals using less fat; how to make meals using less sodium and sugar without reducing flavor; and the importance of diet and exercise in managing diabetes. Participants have the opportunity to sample a variety of healthy foods and take home recipes to prepare.

To find out more about MSUE’s Dining with Diabetes series, contact Pam Daniels, Michigan State University Extension, at (231) 592-0792 or email danie270@msu.edu.

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