Fort Knox is Empty (The Gold’s Missing)

by Robert Williams, publisher, Wall Street Daily

I have a troubling situation to discuss. Whispers are swirling around Capitol Hill that Fort Knox is empty….That  all the gold is gone….That the U.S. government has been shipping gold to nations like China (as collateral for a weak dollar). Scary, isn’t it?

Without any gold in Fort Knox, the United States has nothing backing the dollar but faith.

Here’s what Wall Street Daily analysts have confirmed: The U.S. government has not done a public audit of the gold in Fort Knox since 1974. Policymakers have ignored all requests for a new audit, too.

Worse yet, $982 million worth of gold has left JFK International Airport in New York since the year began. The destination? Somewhere in South Africa. The gold shipment was confirmed by the U.S. Census Bureau’s foreign trade division.

That begs the following question:
Do you think Fort Knox is empty?•