David and Unholy Mackerel

By Emily Guiles

Yet again coffee drinkers at Jumpin’ Java in Grand Haven, Michigan are given a show by David Lampman and fellow performer, Unholy Mackerel. Prior to the show Lampman let slip that Unholy Mackerel and himself have a unique connection, but until now would not let go what the connection was. Mackerel had been the guitarist in Lampman’s old band, Chelicera. Not only were they bandmates but Mackerel also taught Lampman to skate.

Before Chelicera Mackerel and Lampman were also involved in a band together called James and the Giant Peach. Which was later transformed into Chelicera. It has been about six years since the two had seen each other before running into each other a few times in 2014; and now they find themselves performing together again for a joyful audience at Jumpin’ Java.

This performance at Jumpin’ Java was dedicated to Compassion International. It is through this organization that Lampman sponsors a seven year old girl named Vicki, from Ecuador. Lampman can be seen sporting an “ask me about Vicki,” sticker.

Compassion International’s mission statement is to “advocate for children, to release them from their spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enable them to become responsible and fulfilled Christian adults,” according to their website.

The goal for the performance this night was to get at least three children sponsored. These three children include: Muneza Jemmy, five years old, Jemmy is considered high priority because he has been waiting for a sponsor for six months and lives in an Aids affected area. Another child is Pablo Sebastian Jimenez Lopez, four years old, who lives in Ecuador, and Patricia Paskalia Gulo, 13 years old, from Indonesia. Although the performance is dedicated to this organization Lampman chooses not to view this as a charity performance. Instead Lampman hopes that this performance will be an eye opener for all involved, and everyone who participated.

Unfortunately none of the children received sponsors that night but there is always hope for the future. For more information on how you can assist or sponsor a child through Compassion International, go to their website at www.compassion.com.