Board of Trustees_ 12-08-14


A work session of the Fruitport Charter Township Board began at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, December 8, 2014, in the township board room.

Members Present:   Carol Hulka, Clerk; Rose Dillon, Treasurer; Trustee Ron Becklin, Dave Markgraf, and Chuck Whitlow.  Member Absent: Marjorie Nash, Trustee–excused

At 7:00 p.m., Supervisor Werschem opened the regular meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance followed with a prayer.

Also Present: 0-employees; 0-residents, and Public Safety Director, Doctor

The meeting minutes of November 24, 2014, regular meeting, were approved as presented.
The meeting minutes of November 24, 2014, closed session, were approved as presented.
The meeting agenda for December 8, 2014 board meeting was approved as presented.


The Board received the following:
a. Fruitport Charter Township Clerk, Carol Hulka, has attained the Certified Michigan Municipal Clerk (CMMC) certification through the Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks.

  1. Fruitport Township Parks & Recreation minutes for October 2014.
  2. MTA Legislative updates.
  3. Revenue and Expenditure report for period ending 10/32/2014

PUBLIC COMMENTS – none received


14-126 Adoption- Zone Change / 3721 Ida
Rose Dillon moved, Chuck Whitlow seconded, MOTION CARRIED, to amend the Township’s zoning map by changing the zoning classification as follows: from B-3 Business District to B-2 Business District. Property information: Parcel #61-15-800-000-0012-00 or 3721 Ida, Fruitport, M I 49415.

Reasons for changing the zoning classification:
a. Requested zoning will not result in spot zoning.
b. Requested zoning will not be inconsistent with the surrounding property.
c. Property does have to be rezoned in order to be reasonably used as a conforming use.
d. Requested zoning would have the following effect on surrounding property values: remains the same.
e. Requested zoning would have the following effect on the market value of the property in question: remains the same or possibly increase due to a conforming use.
f. Requested zoning would be consistent with the general trend of future building and population growth in the area.
g. Requested zoning would be consistent with the Master Plan.
h. Rezoning will take the property from B-3, pre-existing, non-conforming to conforming under B-2 with a square footage above the required 15,000 sq. ft. and frontage of 100’-o” or greater.

This constitutes the second and final reading. The Ordinance number 786.

Ayes:   Dillon, Whitlow, Markgraf, Hulka, Becklin, Werschem     Nays: None


14-127 Police Department Vacancy
Brian Werschem moved, Dave Markgraf seconded, MOTION CARRIED, to promote part-time officer Rob Adkins to full-time effective 12/08/2014. Officer Adkins is filling a full-time position due to a vacancy.

Ayes: Werschem, Markgraf, Whitlow, Becklin, Dillon, Hulka   Nays: None

14-128 Budget Adjustments
Rose Dillon moved, Ron Becklin seconded, MOTION CARRIED, to approve the budget adjustments as presented.

Ayes: Dillon, Becklin, Hulka, Whitlow, Markgraf, Werschem   Nays: None

14-129   Payment of Bills
Dave Markgraf moved, Carol Hulka seconded, MOTION CARRIED, to approve bills in the following amounts: General Fund (including Parks) $17,086.77; Public Safety $36,832.69;   Water $74,698.30;

Sewer $10,784.03 =  $139,40l.79  Grand Total

Ayes: Markgraf, Hulka, Dillon, Becklin, Whitlow, Werschem          Nays: None


Santa Claus will be fire station #2 on Black Creek Road on Saturday, December 13 at noon-2:00 p.m.

The Township employees Christmas party will on December 18th. The party is sponsored by the Board of Trustees.

The motion by Ron Becklin, seconded by Dave Markgraf,, was carried unanimously, to adjourned the meeting at 7:10 p.m.

CAROL HULKA, CLERK                                 BRIAN WERSCHEM, SUPERVISOR