Letter to the Editor: Protection of Marriage Act

The constitution of the United States, contains a clause that protects the citizens of this nation from unjust or wrongful laws or decisions by the Congress, the Executive Branch,  or the Judicial Branch of our government.

This clause is referred to as our Checks and Balance system.

The U.S. Supreme courts decisions by a 5 to 4 vote,  declared the Protection of Marriage act unconstitutional.

This decision is one of the most immoral, absurd illogical decisions ever rendered by the U.S. Supreme court,  with the only exception being the decision to legalize abortion on demand.

There is nothing unconstitutional about limiting marriage to one man and one women.  The Supreme court is clearly exceeding their authority.  We as citizens must contact our Legislators to reverse this decision.  In the event this decision is not reversed this court will legalize same sex marriage in June.

Same sex marriage is an abomination to our creator, and will cause an economic drain on Social Security. Same sex marriages, will enable a same sex spouse to draw on their spouses Social Security, also these same sex spouses will be entitled to be covered by their spouses insurance.  In other words they will be entitled to every benefit that traditional couples receive. Write or call your Senator, your Representative or the Supreme court judges themselves,  Their addresses and phone numbers can be obtained off the internet.

Don’t let this happen.

Richard L. Lang
Ravenna, MI  49451