Letter to the Editor: Common Core

Many of us have fought Common Core in our schools, the slow takeover of the Federal Government. Our Constitution gives this right to each state, not the Federal Government. I understand that money was held back, not given to “Smart Balance,” then the M.D.A. gave 4.9 million to them for a membership to use “Smart Balance” and calls it “INSTEP,” only the name change.

Parents, do you know what your children are being taught, tested for or the questions asked them? Have you checked the books for reading recommended by Common Core? I feel our schools are being dumbed down.

Think of the changes that have taken. It isn’t Christmas Break or Christmas Play, etc. It is Winter Break. Not Easter Break – it’s Spring Break. The history of how our forefathers gave and died to give us our freedom and Constitution is being taught less and less. Now, we have a war on Christianity in most countries, yes, even in America!

March 24th at 6:30 p.m. will be an informational meeting at Central Assembly of God, 896 Home Street, Muskegon. Enter at door #2. Our speaker, Melonie Kunds, is a math teacher and has many other qualifications. Come, listen, and ask questions.

–Billie G. Picklesimer, Ravenna