Prolife Media Campaign Instills Sanctity of Human Life For All

In February, Right to Life of Michigan Educational Fund launched a state‑wide educational campaign named the compassion project which includes TV spots and short films featuring women who share why they are prolife. These women bring a quiet voice to a noisy debate. Their life experiences convey a fresh perspective to an ongoing discussion: Is abortion justified in certain circumstances?

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, “Those in favor of abortion have pointed to survivors of rape to justify legalized abortion. There is a misconception that women who become pregnant from rape want to abort their children. This is a false stereotype not supported by fact. To counter this misconception, Right to Life of Michigan launched the compassion project. The women featured in the compassion project share why they believe rape should not be used as a reason to justify abortion.”

The compassion project was originally created to instill the truth that every life has immeasurable value. These women had the strength to publicly tell their stories in the hopes of bringing a renewed awareness to the sanctity of every human life. Their compassion cannot be dismissed or ignored – no matter the circumstances of their conception. There are tens of thousands of individuals among us who have been conceived in rape, how often have you heard their perspective?

The compassion project ads feature two women, Mary and Travon, who were conceived in rape. Mary discusses how she wouldn’t be here if she was aborted and how all the lives she’s affected would be different. Travon shares about the time she asked her mom why she wasn’t aborted and how her mom protected her.

Listing said, “We are proud to stand alongside these courageous women and reaffirm their dignity as persons equal to every other person.”

Hopefully, you’ve seen the compassion project ads on TV already, but make sure you go to Right to Life of Michigan’s website at and see Mary’s and Travon’s full stories. The short films are about five minutes long and worth your time.

Another television ad running alongside the compassion project is entitled “Life Itself” and relays the idea of the wonder and hope of life itself.

Learn more about the compassion project and view these prolife advertisements at