A Third Letter to America

America continues to defy God in many ways as it heads towards the inevitable judgment.  A Recent example of this defiance happened when a young educated TV Analyst, out of the blue, said, I have the right to choose, the Supreme Court gave me that right.”  That unscripted statement did not trigger a reaction, much less a discussion.

Why Not?  Could it be because our educated masses have not been taught God’s basic Commandments, Statutes, and Laws, such as, “Thou shall not kill,” “Love your neighbor,” and “teach your young women to love their children?”  You bet!

The TV Analyst and America seem to be unaware of The Word Of God which says, “it is better to trust the LORD than to put confidence in man.”  But instead of following God’s advice, America has put its trust and confidence in Man (Mankind), with tragic results.

This is exactly what happened after the Supreme Court legalized abortion by its 7-9 decision.  Now many, like the above analyst, politicians, and even a political party, proudly support the killing of the smallest and defenseless human beings (the unborn).

But how can you trust judges who do not follow God’s most basic laws, and His admonitions to protect those least able to protect themselves and always to judge in favor of the righteous and against the wicked?  Such ungodliness should not be trusted.

Those unjust judges will be held accountable before God for what they did.  However, these judges were not held accountable here on earth as they should have.  Our constitution states that judges are to hold their offices “during good behavior.”  Therefore, justices who vote in favor of what God calls “wicked”, or “evil,” should be impeached and removed from office.  After all, how can anyone say that judges are holding their offices in “good behavior” when they are going against God’s Supreme Laws?

God’s wish has always been that Man (Mankind) repents of their wicked/sinful ways and seek him so they can have eternal life and be with him in heaven.  You are not just flesh and bones.  You have a soul which God gave you.   The moment you die that soul will go to one of two places, heaven or hell.  Which will it be?

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