Fruitport Library Replacement Millage – May 3rd

Funding for our Fruitport Library

Last fall our community voted to withdraw from the Muskegon Area
District Library (MADL). That tax millage has now expired.
The millage proposal on the upcoming May 3 ballot is NOT an increase.
The .75 mills you have been paying for the past 10 years will go to operate
our own library rather than the MADL.
It’s listed on the May 3rd ballot as a new millage, but actually replaces
the millage we were paying to MADL.
This funding is needed to keep our Fruitport Library open under our own
management as was explained before our vote to withdraw.
Let us know what services are important to you. Keep in mind during this transition
process that the benefits of creating and running our own library will be worth it.
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See page 1 of flyer here.

Questions & Answers About the Library

Q. Will we still have the large selection of books available?
A. All local libraries, including the MADL, Spring Lake & White Lake libraries have a
membership with the Lakeland Library Cooperative, which helps make available the large circulation of books. We will join the Cooperative so we can still access those books/materials.
Q. Where will the Fruitport library be located and when will it be opened?
A. We own the current building by Pomona Park and will continue to use it. We become independent January 1, 2017. We will work hard to be open by that date. If we are not ready to open by that date, we will be able to contract with Spring Lake for a short period until we have our own library up and running.
Q. Will I need a new library card?
A. Yes. All Fruitport library patrons will be issued new library cards.
Q. Will there still be computers for our use? Will we have children’s
A. Yes. It is very important that computers are available. We will continue the children’s programs and, eventually, hope to enhance them.

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Citizens to Keep Library Money in Fruitport