A Ninth Letter to America

Hillary, the president, and many others, very often say “our American values”, and then show their intolerance when they call the opposition radicals and bigots.

The fact is that our original American values are not what these folks represent.  You see, the original American values, were based on a Judeo-Christian foundation.   That foundation recognized God as the ruler of the universe, and His word, the Word Of God, the way we are to live by.

Our founding fathers deeply believed in God and wanted to practice their Christian beliefs freely without interference from the newly formed federal government.  The “Freedom of Religion” clause did not mean religions who worshipped idols were allowed in their respective states.  They knew God called those man-made things “devils”, and that God, except for remnants, had almost destroyed Israel several times because they abandoned him and worshipped idols.

So what are now these things they call “our American values”, and how depraved and ungodly are they? Very!!

By many reports, their cohorts are apparently trying to cleanse our military of Christians.  And they call others bigots?  Can you imagine our future military not able to call on God for help because they are not allowed to pray?  Because it may offend somebody?

During the eight days that the party conventions took place approximately 24,000 small unborn humans being were deprived of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  For those who don’t remember, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” were precious American values.

Now the Democratic Party values the life of the murderer rather than the unborn human baby.  They want to ban the execution of murderers, but support the murder of innocent unborn babies.  And you vote for them!!  May God have mercy on your soul and America.

This is what happens when the Legislative Branch fails to do their job.  When one branch goes against God’s laws you are to hold them accountable just like you are to hold your own members accountable.  When justices go against God’s Laws they are not “holding their offices in good behavior.”  Impeach those judges who vote against God’s Law.

Immediately, because of God’s Law (Thou shall not kill), pass a bill banning the killing of unborn babies.  If the President vetoes the bill, impeach him.  Show the guts to stand on God’s Word.  Sorry, but it is not enough to say I am Pro-Life.  Act and God will be with you!

Manuel Ybarra, Jr.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Coalgate, OK