Letter to the Editor – School Millage

Dear Mr. Cooper,

I recently spoke briefly with you at the seniors dinner during Old Fashioned Days. I talked with you about the upcoming school millage, and asked you some questions about it. You were honest to say you didn’t know a whole lot about it at this time. You also said that your paper does not come out as often as it did before and that you probably would not have much information to give to the voters before the election. My concern that I expressed to you was that I and other voters would not have enough information about the millage before we vote. I sometimes get information in the mail from the school but that information only tells me why I should vote yes for the millage. By the way I no longer get the chronicle paper. I want to say that I am not a no voter on all millages because I have voted yes on school millages in the past. But I am concerned that I will not get all the information I need about this millage before I vote. I would like to get both sides, the pros and cons, before I have to decide. My daughter found some information on the internet from the school. She said the millage rate will more than double our current rate from 3 mills to 7 mills. This will more than double my taxes. She said the amount will be about 50 million dollars for a new high school and some other things. She also said that the new 7 mill rate will never go down again. It will always be at least 7 mills or more. I understand the old high school will be torn down. Is this really necessary? There are so many things about this election that I do not understand. Will the school be having meetings like they did before? When will they be? How long before the elections? How will the school get information about the meetings to the voters? Your paper used to give us lots of information about the school millages in the past. I hope you will do the same this time. You suggested that I write this letter to your paper to let others know that might have similar concerns. I told you that I did not wish to sign my name because of the reasons I told you. I have thought about it some  more and still think I should not sign my name. I do not know if you will print this without my name. I hope you will. Thank you again for your courtesy in taking time to talk with me during the seniors dinner.

–Yours truly (name withheld)