Candidate Bio: Greg Hulka

Candidate for Fruitport Township Trustee

“Dear Fruitport Area Voters, my name is Greg Hulka. I am running for Fruitport Township Trustee. It would be an honor to serve on our board. I am a life long resident of Fruitport. I graduated from Fruitport High in 1981. I have been married to Lisa for 25 years, we have three children; Samantha, Rachel, and Michael. We also have five grand children.
I am a strong proponet of the casino, if people wish to attend a casino I would rather have them support our local economy than travel across the state. I previously served on our board as trustee from 2004-2008.
I will continue to support our local public safety, police and fire. I served on our department of public works board my last term. We are blessed with the departments that we have. I will make only one promise and that will be to work hard to better our community and try my best to represent everyone. I would appreciate your support November 8th. Thanks, Greg Hulka”