Library Update – March 21, 2017

It is the goal of the Fruitport District Library Board of Directors to have a soft library opening April 1, 2017 with plans for a grand opening in May 2017, perhaps around the time of the Fruitport Old Fashioned Days Carnival.

Bethany is still working with Lakeland Library Cooperative to get our 6,700 books into the ILS system. Once they are entered we will be able to “go live” with the Lakeland Cooperative. The Fruitport District Library cards have been ordered as our project plan has us ready to go live April 1st. We are hopeful that our Fruitport Library residents will be patient with us in case it does take a few additional days.

Many good things are happening for the library right now. We are having a new roof installed on the library. Crockery Township had some book shelves that we have purchased for a reasonable amount. Children’s programs are being offered. Computers are available for patron use and books can be borrowed on your honor system. If you are in the area, please visit the Library in Pomona Park, Village of Fruitport to meet our new library Director, Bethany Nettleton-Seeley and check out current library events.

Muskegon County patrons that are qualified Blind and Physically Handicapped and meet the state requirements can utilize the subregional library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped located at the MADL Administration Building, 4845 Airline Road, as this service receives funding from the State. Those who qualify can pick up their books/media at this address or have them mailed to their homes.

The support of our Fruitport community is unbelievable. There are not enough words to express our thanks for those who have donated such wonderful books, magazines, DVD, CD and other materials. Also, thanks to those who continue to stop by the library and help Bethany on a regular basis. Thanks to all who participated in the logo contest. The winner has been chosen and will receive $25.00. Bethany is working to get our new outside Fruitport District Library sign completed by Compass Designs.

We thank the Spring Lake District Library Board of Directors and their Library Director, Claire Sheridan for helping to service our library patrons through January, February and March.

Please join us for the monthly District Library meetings at the Fruitport Township Hall the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. where we welcome your ideas and input. We are looking for volunteers to serve on a facility committee that will do research on our library building needs and recommend how we meet handicap accessibility, parking needs and increase space into the future.

You can visit our website at, visit our Fruitport District Library Facebook page or call the library at 231 366-6107.