Tim Tebow Foundation’s 2017 Night To Shine At The Bridgewater Marriot Had Kids Dancing and Parents Relaxing

BRIDGEWATER, NJ , UNITED STATES, February 13, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — On February 10th, a chilly, yet clear, Friday evening, the Bridgewater Marriot was, nonetheless, packed and pumping as The Tim Tebow Foundation’s Annual Night To Shine prom party celebrated People with Special Needs. This is the seventh anniversary of the inception of the Night To Shine. Guests were attired in tuxes and evening gowns, dancing and partying in a decked-out ballroom, as bassy tunes vibrated the space.

As the kids celebrated and experienced a night of partying and fun, their families had the option of meeting one another and socializing in a large conference hall. There was coffee and tea, a meal with salad on the side. From here you could still feel the bass, but it was a bit quieter. Liquid Church, one of the sponsors tasked with arranging the event, locally, had Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy provide seated chair massage to the parents and family.

Of course, everyone was relieved to get a massage. Preparing for a prom is no easy task. And, for Moms and Dads with daughters, the task is all the more time-consuming. Nails must get done. Hair must be styled. And more. Too many details to mention, yet each one important. Parents relaxed and dined as a line formed near the Chair Massage stations.

Chair Massage is performed fully clothed without any oil or lotion. Guests sit on the chair in a manner that resembles how one would sit on a motorcycle. If you haven’t ever ridden a motorcycle, don’t feel confused; that was just a crude comparison, anyway. Your arms do not grip handlebars. Instead, there is a cushioned rest for them. Your face is prone, as your head rests in a padded cradle identical to those found on massage tables. Perhaps you’ve seen chair massage at the mall. If not, there’s always Google and YouTube.

The two Massage Therapists kept busy the entire time as Moms and Dads could finally relax. If you haven’t yet had an adolescent of yours attend prom, think back to your own. Preparation is fairly stressful. Without a doubt, parents left with less tight shoulders, ready to fully appreciate the crowning ceremony led by Pastor John of Liquid Church. The parents definitely appreciated that consideration was made for their comfort.

To learn more about the Tim Tebow Foundation, check out http://TimTebowFoundation.org. The Liquid Church has a web site of its own at http://LiquidChurch.com. These noble organizations have helped kids all over the United States to have a special night all their own, kids who might not have otherwise had an opportunity for such a wonderful memory and positive experience.


The Ballroom at the Bridgewater Marriott During the Tim Tebow Foundations’ Night To Shine Event

Sign Welcomes Party-Goers To The Night To Shine Event Hosted by LiquidChurch

Chair Massage Stations, Ready For Moms, Dads and Family at the Night To Shine!