A 16th Letter to America

My previous letter stated that America was uninformed concerning an Islamic threat to our country through their “Civilization Jihad” plan.   But America is equally uninformed about Islamic Jihad history and plan to conquer the world.

The Webster Dictionary describes “Jihad” as “Moslem holy war against unbelievers.”

Because America has always been a great Christian Nation, it should not surprise anyone, that we are considered the “Prime target.” Neither should we be surprised that Jihadist are streaming into America, by whatever means they can devise.  Yes folks, THEY ARE HERE!

They have been here all along as evidenced by the 9-11 attack, and others such as, Fort hood, Boston, San Bernardino, and Orlando, FL. There have been many other incidences and some were probably never reported.

A March 2017 Judicial Watch Article titled, “Jihadists Train, Plan Attack On U.S. From Mexico” can be easily accessed by a search on Google.  Unfortunately, the same thing is probably being done here in America too at some of their isolated large area ranches it is said they own.

But, because the Islamic religion early incorporated a conquer everybody else by force mentality, it ceased to be a peaceful religion.  God’s Commandments and statues, by which the whole world, including themselves, will be judged, doesn’t mean a thing to them. The Word of God, God’s Plan for Salvation, and God’s gift of Eternal Life, they threw out.

It is tragic, indeed, because for some 1400 years, they have been going against God’s Word, on a path to Hell, not Heaven!  They rebelled against the Living God.

America too is rebelling against God and His Commandments.  Americans too will pay for their rebellion.

Manuel Ybarra, Jr.
Coalgate, Ok 74538