FCS – Student Affairs Committee Meeting Minutes – 01/16/18

Tuesday, January 16, 2018
4:30 p.m. ~ Superintendent’s Office

Attendance: Jill Brott, Susan Franklin, Dave Hazekamp, Allison Camp, Bob Szymoniak

1. The Work-Based Learning high school curricular offering which went through two Instructional Council readings was reviewed and approved for Board action. Implementation to take place the fall of 2018 through the placement of 5 students at work sites.

2. A new Developmental Kindergarten program was reviewed and approved for Board action. Approval at the January Board meeting will allow for continued development of the program toward implementation the fall of 2018.

3. Virtual School for Non-Traditional Students was discussed for informational purposes. Development of the program needs to continue and then be run through Instructional Council for two readings before placed on a Board agenda. Should all go according to plan, the program could be implemented upon Board approval. This would be an on-line program designated for students with health concerns keeping them from school and also for expelled/suspended students.

4. PBIS surveys were discussed and the committee was asked to review the surveys as were presented and offer any feedback before the surveys are implemented. These surveys are primarily for perception and will help drive future PBIS programming.

5. It is being recommended from the committee to no longer count alternative education students in the overall high school student count as reported to the MHSAA for “class” determination.

6. Student behavior was discussed with an emphasis on the importance of fully implementing all the elements of PBIS in order to maximize programming for our most difficult students.

Adjournment at 5:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Bob Szymoniak