Village of Fruitport – Council Meeting Minutes – 02/19/18

FEBRUARY 19, 2018

1. Call to order
President Roger Vanderstelt called the meeting to order at 7:04pm

2. Pledge

3. Prayer

4. Roll call
Present: Roger Vanderstelt, Donna Pope, Amy Haack and Will Overkamp
Absent: Carl Rothenberger, Bill Stone and Carl Russell
Also present: Jeremy Statler, DPW Supervisor

5. Approval of previous meeting minutes from January 15, 2018. Motion made by Amy Haack to approve the minutes, supported by Will Overkamp. With a unanimous vote, the motion carried.

6. Approve the agenda for the February 19, 2018 Council meeting
Amy requested two items to add to the agenda under Unfinished Business: Drainage Improvement Update and Compensatory Time Off policy update. Motion made by Amy to amend the agenda with the two added items, supported by Will Overkamp. With a unanimous vote, the motion carried.

7. Public Comment
Pat Stressman from the Lions’ Club advised that Old Fashion Days will be May 23rd thru May 28th. The Easter Egg hunt will take place on March 31st at 10am. Pat will submit the appropriate paperwork and proof of insurance to the Village Council for approval.

Carol Brown from the Fruitport Library Friends Group addressed the council about the library. They are reorganizing the Library Friends Group. They need volunteers to help with projects at the library. She will advise us on the meeting date.

8. Correspondence
Ann read an email letter of resignation from Council Member Carl Russell dated
February 19, 2018. Motion to accept the letter of resignation made by Donna Pope, supported by Will Overkamp. With a unanimous vote, the motion carried. Amy advised we will need a liaison for the Planning Commission Committee.

9. Reports from Officers (Each Council Member)
Donna gave an update on the library. They are still searching for a new director.
Amy advised that she spoke with Mr. Lundberg from the Storage Group and he is planning on taking down the video store and making a parking lot in its place.
Will had nothing to report.
Roger discussed possibly changing our phone service. He will get more information from Now Connect and provide costs at the next meeting.

10. Rental Unit Registration Restatement Ordinance Discussion
Roger shared information from the Planning Commission meeting about GFI outlets (Item#4 of the rental unit checklist).
Amy explained that the council is currently not acting on anything about the rental unit registration but is considering options. Roger stated that we will notify all the rental property owners and have a public hearing if we are considering implementing the ordinance.

11. Planning Commission Master Plan Survey Discussion
Roger reviewed the changes to the survey by the Planning Commission. The council discussed other changes to be made. Motion made by Roger to remove Item #13 completely and to remove Public Water from Item #9, supported by Donna. With a unanimous vote, the motion carried.

12. Drainage Improvement Update
Jeremy advised that as of today the improvement is in the engineering stage. Field work will be completed after the snow is gone. There will be 3 phases to the project. Amy requested that Jeremy provide a copy of the contract.

13. Compensatory Time Off Policy
Amy asked for an update on the CTO policy. Amy questioned the procedure for overtime and CTO time. Roger didn’t have an update. Will table until the next regular council meeting.

14. 2017 – 2018 Budget Amendment
A copy of the amended budget was distributed. Budget changes and a new format were discussed. Donna Pope made a motion to accept the amended budget and new format, supported by Will Overkamp. Roll call AYES: Vanderstelt, Haack, Pope and Overkamp. NAYES: None

Roger suggested holding a budget meeting. Motion made by Roger to hold a budget meeting on February 26th at 7pm, supported by Amy. With a unanimous vote the motion carried.

15. Discussion to Update Office Computers
Roger presented a quote from Now Connect for 2 new desktop office computers. A discussion to place. Ann said that she would like a laptop as opposed to a desktop computer. Roger made a motion to purchase 1 new computer, 2 monitors and installation costs for a total not to exceed $1230.00 and to have Now Connect quote a laptop set up for Ann to be presented at the next council meeting, motion supported by Will. With a unanimous vote the motion carried.

16. Park Rental Rates for 2018
Roger reviewed the current fees for park reservations. A discussion took place about restructuring rental times for them. Roger requested this item go to the Parks and Recreation Group for discussion and to report back to the council.

17. Boat Launch Rate Discussion
Roger reviewed the current boat launch annual and daily permit fees. Motion made by Roger to keep the fees at the current rate, supported by Will. With a unanimous vote, the motion carried.

18. Warrants
Motion made by Donna to approve the warrants, supported by Amy. Roll call AYES: Vanderstelt, Pope, Haack and Overkamp. NAYES: None

19. Adjourn
Motion made by Donna to adjourn the meeting at 8:54pm, supported by Will Overkamp. With a unanimous vote the motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by,

Ann LaCroix