Secretary Johnson Suspends Ignition Interlock Device Manufacturer

Devices violated state standards, risked public safety

Secretary of State Ruth Johnson announced today that Alcohol Detection Systems, a national supplier of ignition interlock devices, has been summarily suspended and may no longer supply breath alcohol ignition interlock devices in Michigan.

The devices manufactured by ADS, which supplies Waterford-based Michigan Interlock, failed to require the necessary start-up tests and periodic retests as mandated by Michigan law. The company also failed to report violations in which drivers were able to start or continue driving without providing a breath sample.

Ignition interlock devices require a breath sample before the user may start a vehicle. Random breath tests also are required while the vehicle is in operation to ensure the driver remains alcohol-free. The device measures the driver’s bodily alcohol content (BAC) and keeps the vehicle from starting if the device detects a BAC of 0.025 or higher.

About 1,500 residents have an ADS ignition interlock device. Any driver with an ADS device will need to contact Michigan Interlock to have the device removed at no cost and have a new device installed by one of the five approved manufacturers. The new device must be installed within seven days after the ADS device is removed.

An ignition interlock device is required as a condition of a restricted driver’s license for drivers with a first conviction for Operating with a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.17 or more and for habitual offenders who have any of the following combination of alcohol or controlled substance related driving convictions:

•  Two or more convictions within seven years.
•  Three or more convictions within 10 years.

“We take our responsibility to safeguard ignition interlock customers and the public seriously,” Johnson said. “We must be certain that ignition interlock users are being tested as required before and while they drive to ensure public safety on the roadways. Interlock manufacturers that do not comply with state laws will not be allowed to operate in Michigan.”

Information about the other ignition interlock manufacturers in Michigan is available on the Secretary of State website. Customers with an ADS ignition interlock system installed by Michigan Interlock who have questions may contact the Michigan Department of State at 888-767-6424.