Aren’t You Glad You’re You?

by Mike Simcik

Well, at least we have had a chance in life to be a success or failure, to be married or single. Even to vote is a privilege. But what about all the others? I’m referring to all those denied the right to speak or vote, those who have no voice, no human rights, no representation of any sort, unable to make a choice.

I’m sure that each person reading this must be very happy that his or her mother had her priorities straight: giving birth and allowing her children the opportunity to enjoy life. But doesn’t it make one wonder that so many liberals enjoying life today are forcing abortion on our nation? Isn’t that socialist tyranny?

I wonder what would happen if we lowered the voting age to someone with a beating heart? Let’s change the rules like the liberals and politically correct do every day! I’m pretty sure sixty million babies would have voted pro-life since 1973! Maybe the reason Planned Parenthood is pushing so hard to meet a quota is that they are afraid of being outvoted by babies choosing life and this organization losing its $500,000,000 budget from the government. It seems like a reasonable assumption!

It’s a safe bet that all the aborted babies in America would vote life given the simple inalienable rights that American adults voted for themselves two hundred and fifty years ago. Has the world become so callous and self-centered that if anyone is considered inconvenient, undesirable, a nuisance, or just politically incorrect that he or she is aborted? It probably is on the Supreme Courts future agenda.

I recently attended a multi-denominational Right To Life gathering at St. Patrick’s Church in Grand Haven, Michigan. The guest speakers packed the pews and sang songs whilst school children carried lighted candles up to the altar. A violinist and pianist set the tone for our nation’s loss of life and heartfelt sadness to music.

In this computer-driven, politically charged, agnostic era we live in, has your own life’s identity been hacked? I’m pretty sure that Islam does not tolerate any abortions, so what does that mean for the rest of us?

Yes, I will say it again, “Aren’t you glad you’re you?” That is until the socialists, our government, our schools, or the Supreme Court say you can’t be you anymore, that you must be someone else!
And if you refuse, you’re aborted from schools, the workplace, your community, or life itself!

Let’s make this simple by aborting the socialist, liberals and fascist and bring back the House On Un-American Activities!