Rising Numbers Stretching Mission Resources

Muskegon Rescue Mission is experiencing record number of people needing emergency shelter.  During these summer months more and more people are turning to the mission for shelter.  These astonishing numbers are making Muskegon Rescue Mission Resources tight.

Muskegon Rescue Mission is in its 111th year of continuous 24 hours a day, 365 days a year of service.  They provide food, shelter, clothing and other services at two separate locations, one for men located at 400 W Laketon and for women and children located at 1691 Peck.  “We are in a unique position to help the homeless, not just with the physical needs that make day to day life hard, but with their spiritual needs as well,” said Dan Skoglund, Executive Director.  “We can point them to the gospel and everlasting change in their life.”

“The rise in numbers is pushing our resources to their limits and beyond” said Skoglund.  In addition to providing shelter the Mission also serves 3 meals per day, provides hot showers, as well as, fresh bedding and pajamas.  Skoglund added, “We are serving over 300 meals per day, double of our anticipated amount.  The extra expenses of food, staffing, higher utility bills and other expenses needed to meet this enormous demand is far beyond our current budget of seasonal norms.”

During the warm summer months Muskegon Rescue Mission usually has lighter numbers. Skoglund added, “With the increase in guests at our shelter, and additional costs it is starting to impact our mission resources and stretching our staff, we are committed to helping everyone in need.  We are truly the safety net, we never close our doors.  This is a challenging situation, but we have a very caring community and we are asking for their help at this time.”

To make a donation please stop by our administrative office or visit www.muskegonmission.org.