Letter to the Editor – Fruitport District Library Millage

I am a Fruitport resident that would like to encourage you to vote YES on the Fruitport District Library Proposal on November 6th.

The library is important to me. Many access our local library through the internet for books, music, movies and other programs, but I simply like to walk into the building and check out my books. I also appreciate that they have other walk in services such as internet use, copy services and more.

The ballot language is confusing, but I understand the .75 mills we now pay expires in December 2018 and by voting YES we can continue to pay the same .75 mills for the next ten years. It is not really new or additional, but more like a renewal.

Please support the Fruitport District Library “renewal” millage proposal on November 6th.

Thank you,
Nan Riekse