Letter to the Editor – The Last Minute

The last minute- is it a curse of mine that I’m always doing things at the last minute? Everyone is busy, we are all trying to find a little time for relaxation, exercise, family. This letter is important to me and I’m happy to spend the time even though it’s midnight on the day of the deadline.

It’s funny how I moved out of this area for somewhere bigger, where everyone didn’t know everyone else’s business, but decades later moving back to a small close-knit place sounded so perfect. Fruitport is a great place to live. I called it the “undiscovered gem of the lakeshore” when we moved here 12 years ago.

I was especially proud of our residents when we voted to take control of our own library and withdrew from the MADL. It seemed like a big job to get everything up and running but the people did it. Then, I was confused when recently those same independent voters didn’t renew the millage needed to operate their library. I had to consider why and I believe a miscommunication is to blame.

As I mentioned everyone is busy and trying their best to spend their time wisely.  The millage was listed on the ballot as “additional“, and that made me examine it carefully even though I had read a flyer explaining it was legally required to be listed that way. The newly approved Fruitport District Library was asking for the same amount of money over the same length of time as we used to pay the MADL. I voted yes, and I will vote yes again on November 6th.

I could follow up with a lot of facts about how Michigan is producing kids who need local libraries- more than half of third grade students can’t pass their State Assessment reading goals (it is true), but I’d rather just tell you my family’s experiences at our library. Our oldest is in college now, her love of reading and her time at Fruitport High School served her well, she excelled on the English portion of her SATs. The baby was two when we moved here, she is 13 now and still loves going to the library. I have to take books away from her to convince her to do other schoolwork. My little surprise was born here in Fruitport and I have the best memories of her attending the children’s programs and spending time playing at the park afterward.

I still feel like we have a great place here- the people and the setting. I want to be sure everyone understands what’s at stake; the Fruitport District Library would be greatly missed by our family. The millage on the ballot November 6th is our last minute chance; please spend your valuable time voting yes.

Mrs. Jennifer Michaels