Village of Fruitport Public Hearing Minutes – 11/05/18


1. Call to Order
President Roger Vanderstelt called the meeting to order at 7:00pm

2. Pledge

3. Prayer

4. Roll call
Present: Roger Vanderstelt, Amy Haack, Jay Bolt, Jeff Guiles, Carl Rothenberger (who left at 8pm), Bill Overkamp and Donna Pope who arrived at 7:10pm Also present: Jeremy Statler, DPW Supervisor and Matt Hulst, Prein & Newhoff Engineer

5. Approve the agenda for the November 5th Public Hearing
Motion made by Jay to approve the agenda, supported by Jeff. With a unanimous vote, the motion carried.

6. Opening Statement
President Roger Vanderstelt thanked everyone for coming to the meeting. Roger introduced the council members, staff present and our guest Matt Hulst, Prein & Newhoff Engineer. Roger advised that we will conduct a presentation then proceed with Public Comment. Roger turned the floor over to Jay Bolt.

7. Presentation
Jay gave an overview of what has transpired and why we are here today. He began a power point presentation. The presentation included:
•  Utility History Including Water, Sewer and Road Projects
•  Master Plan Survey Results
•  Project 2020 Proposed Special Assessment Sewer Service Area
•  2020 Project Estimated Timing
Jay then turned the floor over to Jeremy Statler. Jeremy continued with the power point presentation. This portion of the presentation included:
•  Definition of a Residential Equivalent Unit (REU)
•  Residential Cost of the Sewer
•  Business Cost of the Sewer
•  Additional Information about the Costs

8. Public Comment
Several residents and business owners made comments. See attached. (Comments listed below.)

9. Closing Statement
President Roger Vanderstelt thanked everyone for coming and for their comments. He advised that if you would like more information about the projected sewer costs for your property to contact the Village Office. He advised the office information is listed at the bottom of the agenda that was distributed to all in attendance.

10. Adjourn
Roger made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:14pm, supported by Jeff. With a unanimous vote, the motion carried.

Respectfully submitted by,

Ann LaCroix



1. Jim Pancy, 10 S. 3rd, owner of Village Pharmacy. Jim shared that he is for sewers. He said that he thinks we need it for development. He feels that sewers will bring in commercial development that will help with the Village tax burden.

2. Jim Luben, 185 N. 3rd, Jim said that he just installed a new septic system and explained the financial hardship that sewers would present for him.

3. Theresa Briggs, 216 N. 3rd, Theresa questioned if any of the council members live in the proposed special assessment district or in the Pontaluna area where there is sewer service. None of the council lives in either of those areas.

4. Jeff Frame, 48 S 2nd Ave, Jeff questioned why is 2nd street involved since there are only a few houses. Jeremy advised that the septic fields are in the back of the businesses on 3rd and that is why 2nd is part of the system.

5. Brad Davis, RAM Electronics, 259 N 3rd, Brad questioned the cost. If the cost is too high, it would make it not favorable to him. Brad stated they may do an addition at the business but doesn’t need the sewer. Brad was advised to contact the Village for the cost to his specific business.

6. Bob Pace, 50 N. 3rd, He has 3 houses that would be involved. He can’t afford it. He questioned how long you would have to hook up. Jeremy provided a general time frame.

7. Matt Rosenberger, 160 N. 3rd, Matt questioned if this sewer system can accommodate other streets in the future. Matt Hulst responded that yes additions can be made to the system.

8. Matt Redmond, Car Store, 301 W. 3rd, questioned if off set costs if others adding on would be less. Matt Hulst said that would be something the engineers would review. Matt Redmond also questioned REU’s. Jeremy gave an additional explanation of REU’s.

9. Theresa Briggs, 216 N. 3rd, returned to the podium and had questions about selling your home during the sewer time frame. Matt Hulst explained the bond process. It was also advised that you would need to disclose the special assessment to potential buyers.

10. Bob Pace, 50 N. 3rd, returned to the podium, and questioned how this would be billed. A discussion took place about the charges being on your annual tax bill.

Roger questioned if any other comments. At that point Jay Bolt asked the audience who thought the costs were too high, a significant number of the audience raised their hands. Jay then asked if somehow, we were able to lower the cost would that change your opinion. Everyone seemed to support lower costs.

11. Theresa Briggs, 216 N. 3rd, returned to the podium and stated she owned 2 properties and that would add $23,000 to the sale of each property.

12. Dolly Rose, 196 N. 3rd, said that she gets water in her basement. She asked if the sewer would solve that problem. Matt Hulst advised the sewer would have little effect on that issue.

13. Jeff Guiles, 294 Maple St., stated that he spent a lot of money on a septic systems years ago to replace a 50-year-old system and would still be in favor of sewers if it was available to him.