38% Increase in Airline Passenger Activity in December 2018

The number of passengers choosing Muskegon County Airport (MKG) for air travel continues to climb with the total number of passengers flying United Airlines increasing thirty-eight percent (38%) for December 2018 (3,065) compared to December 2017 (2,216). This significant increase is attributed primarily to the new travel-friendly schedule which commenced in October.

The improved flight schedule allows customers to depart MKG early in the morning and early afternoon to make connections through Chicago and return to MKG in the early afternoon and late evening to maximize return flight options. The late evening arrival allows maximum opportunities for return flights from most domestic and international locations such as the West Coast, Mexico, Jamaica and Europe. More connections help provide lower prices.

Fly locally with a short commute to/from the airport, parking just steps from the terminal, check-in and security lines guaranteed to be no more than 50 passengers per flight, and get your bags quickly at the end of your flight to get home faster. Why would you not fly from MKG?

“We are extremely pleased to see more travelers choosing to fly locally on United,” said Jeffrey Tripp, Muskegon County Airport Manager. “The various schedule changes are providing the West Michigan Lakeshore region with the travel friendly schedule our customers have been asking for. Whether flying for business or pleasure, it pays to always Check MKG First at UNITED.COM.”