A Dehumanized America

Vice President Pence’s recent visit to honor Jewish Holocaust victims at Auschwitz reminded me about America’s still ongoing inhumanity and disrespect for human life.

We are shocked about how Nazi Germany, under Hitler, became so inhumane that they murdered millions of God’s elect-Jewish people, trying to exterminate them.  They displayed total disregard for human life in this horrific crime against God and humanity.

And we should also be alarmed that Iranian leaders want to “kill all Jews and annihilate Israel.”  They have been fed hate toward God’s chosen nation for so long that they say it is “legal and acceptable” to  exterminate them.

They sure do not know that God said He would bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel.  With such hate they only curse themselves.

A society which believes in killing innocent human beings is a morally sick society.  God’s just Commandments were edged in stone by God’s fiery finger, and given to Moses, to create a just and orderly nation/world, and so that Israel would be a blessing to the world.

After more than 400 years in captivity in Egypt, God kept His promise to Abraham, and gave the land of Canaan as inheritance to Jacob/Israel, one of Abraham descendants.

The people in that land had become morally corrupt and God passed judgment upon them to cleanse the land.  Parents were spilling their children’s blood by throwing them into the fire in worship of idols.

In the last several decades America has gone so far away from God that it is now even more corrupt, than Nazi Germany and Canaan.  Respect for God, and for His God-given-human life, is sorely missing.  Individual and national judgment is coming.  Time to Repent!

Manuel Ybarra, Jr.
Coalgate, OK
Ph.#  (580)428-3242