End Prohibition Michigan

Lansing, Michigan;  4/20/19: The ballot initiative committee known as End Prohibition Michigan is proud to have received the endorsement of the Libertarian Party of Michigan at their Spring Convention on April 13.

As today is an important date in the cannabis community, we celebrate this endorsement as an important step toward not just being legal, but being lawful.

End Prohibition Michigan was formed to ensure that Michigan citizens who use cannabis are freed from the toxic effects of a long war on the plant.  While voters approved Proposal 1 by a wide margin last November, there are many ongoing effects of the political, regulatory, and financial war on cannabis that simply were not addressed by the so-called “recreational” proposal.

End Prohibition Michigan is proud to accept the endorsement of the Libertarian Party, who has long supported the ideas of free use of cannabis.  EPM, a registered 503(c) non-partisan committee, plans to reach out to all the political parties, medical societies, criminal justice groups, and others who recognize how destructive past policies have been in our state.

Interested parties can learn more at:  EndProhibitionMichigan.org

Norm Peterson – Outreach Committee / Secreatary
Murry Rea – Chairman