Muskegon County Veterans Affairs Awarded State Grant

Muskegon, MI – On March 4th, the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency awarded the Muskegon County Department of Veterans Affairs the County Veterans Service Fund (CVSF) grant in the amount of $95,232.00.  The grant is through September 30, 2019.

Pursuant to PA214 of 1899, Soldiers and Sailors emergency relief may only be provided to War-Era Veterans.  Under the CVSF Grant, emergency relief will be provided to Peacetime-Era Veterans through the remainder of this grant.  There is a need in our community and it is very exciting that the State approved this grant to provide this assistance to Peacetime-Era Veterans!

A Peacetime-Era Veteran would have served during the following time frames:
• January 1, 1947-June 26, 1950
• February 1, 1955-February 27, 1961
• May 8, 1975-August 1, 1990

Any Muskegon County Veterans who served during the years listed above, did not receive a National Defense Service Medal, and have emergent financial needs may contact the Muskegon County Department of Veterans Affairs to determine eligibility to receive assistance from this grant.

When contacting the Department the Veteran will need to provide the following:
• Valid Photo ID with a Muskegon County address;
• DD-214 showing years of service and character of discharge;
• Proof of income; and
• Verification of emergent need(s)

Muskegon County Department of Veterans Affairs
165 E. Apple Ave, Suite 201
Muskegon, MI  49442