Ottawa County Recognized as ‘Champion of Diversity’ by West Coast Chamber


Ottawa County Commissioners and key staff receive the Champion of Diversity Award for Ottawa County. Photo Credit: Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce

The Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce held its Celebrating Diversity Luncheon on Wednesday, April 17, and recognized Ottawa County as the Corporate Champion of Diversity.

Under the leadership of Administrator Al Vanderberg, Ottawa County embarked on a Four Cs organizational improvement strategy, which focuses on customer service, creativity, communication and cultural intelligence. As part of the cultural intelligence strategy, Ottawa County has implemented programs to train over 650 employees on diversity and inclusion within the sheriff’s office, the courts, the health departments, and other government services. Ottawa County’s Cultural Intelligence Committee has built relationships with many community organizations including the Migrant Resource Council.

Ottawa County recently established the Diversity and Inclusion Office, which will be responsible for developing templates to uncover and eliminate implicit bias, develop plans to promote diversity, and be an internal consultant on diversity, equity and inclusion topics.