The Abortion Industry Backfires

by Rev. William Randall

Obviously when a car backfires things aren’t right, you sit up straight and take notice, at least some comments are made.

The abortion industry was moving ahead full steam. The New York state legislative halls erupted with applause when they announced the passage of legislation to legally murder babies that survived attempted abortions. What a gruesome victory to celebrate!  Similar attempts, with the approval of Virginia’s governor, even shocked many who support the so-called freedom of choice. It has backfired with a loud boom. It has led to more than comments. Much prayer followed feelings of disgust and anger. Hopefully the pro-life burst of energy will ignite a fire that will shock the entire nation. If this article can cause local individuals to pray and to contact powers-that-be, Michigan could join Alabama, Missouri, Louisiana and other states that are now contemplating legislature to protect the unborn.

Right to Life of Michigan and other agencies in this state have successfully put some legal limitations on abortion and have been educating the public. Scientific knowledge about the fetus has advanced phenomenally since Roe-vs-Wade. Medical professionals are able to monitor a baby’s health and development from conception. Everyone knows that mothers are carrying a living person who even responds to external stimulation.  Who knew about DNA in the seventies? We know that each child is created by God in His image. Our President Donald Trump acknowledged this in his State of the Union Address. We need to show appreciation to political leaders who have labored, made pronouncement for the unborn and who intend to vote and support legislation to increase the rights and safety of the unborn. We need to pay attention to political party platforms and campaign positions of political candidates. Now is the time for action. No one should wait for 2020 and the ballet box. Preliminary efforts must be made now while the ball is rolling. If everyone who is opposed to the murder of the unborn will take some action there will be more than a backfire, the abortion industry can be permanently stalled.