Fruitport Techno Trojans at Robo-Con

by Kate and Calvin Holtrop

malldisplayThe Lakeshore Robo-Con was held Saturday, September 28, 2019, at the Lakes Mall, and was a great opportunity for area students to get exposure to local FIRST Robotics Teams. At Robo-Con, the Techno Trojans FRC team, and their robot Ursa Major, got good publicity. The middle school FTC team, Techno Trojans II, couldn’t get their robot working for part of the time. “But it was all time well spent, because we got it running,” said their coach, Kris Cole. Fruitport’s FIRST Lego League team was there also.


Interested kids check out the FIRST Lego League table-top playing field at “Robo-con”.
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To contact the teams about how to join, donate, sponsor, or volunteer, or to find out more about the season’s schedule, check out their website,, or email the teams at: Folks can find links to the team’s Facebook and Twitter accounts on their website, as well as a You Tube link to watch FRC Team 2405 videos.

According to Brantley Mellem, of the middle school team, “We also have an Instagram page, where we post a bunch of pictures for people on Instagram, so they can see them.” Follow the team, Techno Trojans II, on Instagram: Techno_Trojans_2.

Thanks to all those who supported the teams by coming to Robo-Con, and who follow them online. As Shay, one of the Techno Trojans, said in 2017, “Robotics is something that brings people together, and I’m so thankful to be a part of that…”