Fruitport Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Board Meeting Minutes – 03/11/21

March 11, 2021 @ 6:00pm via

In attendance: Todd Dunham (at Township hall), Gary Smith (in Spring Lake), Larry Hall (outside Lincoln Nebraska), Tim Reilly (in Whitehall), Heidi Tice (in Fruitport), Randy Klingel (in Norton Shores), Mark Campbell (in Ada, MI), Frank Matice (in Florida)
Absent: Larry Romanelli and Jason Bronhold

Called to order at 6:05 pm
1.) Approval of the minutes from February 24, 2021 Motion by Todd Dunham, second by Gary Smith
Roll call: Aye Kingel, Dunham, Hall, Smith, Campbell, Tice, Matice, Reilly
Nye: none

Question of the Attorney were answered from the last meeting as follows:

  • There does need to be a resident on the DDA board and Frank Matice was appointed by the township board at their meeting March 8, 2021.
  • Attorney Ron Butje stated the DDA board did not have to mirror the township boards fiscal year they could just make amendments to their budget if the need arose.
  • Attorney Ron Butje stated the DDA board should be covered under the townships umbrella policy since the board is acting in accord with the township. Would need to check with Township Clerk Andrea Anderson.
  • Attorney Ron Bultje clarified that developers would need to address how the repayment of the bond would take place in their individual development plans as they bring them before the DDA and this would not need to be included into the by-laws.
  • Attorney Ron Bultje stated the DDA would not have a tax return the board would be included in the township audit process with an annual report of any bonds that were in place and the records could be stored at the township hall. Todd would check with Treasurer Rose Dillon to make sure she let the accountants know of the additional reporting.

3.) Motion by Heidi Tice, seconded by Tim Reilly, to have the 1st Annual meeting June 4th, 2021 which is the first Thursday of June.
Roll call: Ayes Klingel, Dunham, Hall, Tice, Smith, Campbell, Reilly, Matice
Nye: none

4.) Frank Matice introduced himself – he has been the Treasury for Golf View Condos for the last 12 years. Will be back in town in May.

5.) Todd Dunham pointed out he would be attending the Ways and Means county board meeting on March 23rd to present the outline of potential projects. Attorney Ron Bultje and the county attorney are connecting to present a plan to the county board.
Tim Reilly asked if there are any plans coming to Planning Commission at this time for the DDA area. Todd Dunham stated no. He stated with the help of the new blight enforcement ordinance the township is pursuing legal steps to get the former hotel to move along with that development or take them down.

6.) Next meeting date was set for March 23, 2021 at 6:00 pm via zoom.

7.) Motion made by Heidi Tice to adjourn 2nd by Randy Klingel.
Roll call: Aye Klingel, Dunham, Tice, Hall, Smith, Campbell, Reilly, Matice.
Meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm

Next DDA Board meeting March 23, 2021