United Way of the Lakeshore is Asking for Project Nominations for Day of Caring

MUSKEGON, MI – United Way of the Lakeshore is asking the community to nominate projects for Day of Caring, which will be held Saturday, September 10th, 2021.


“This year will be the 28th annual Day of Caring,” says UWL Community Engagement Director, Dominique Bunker. “To get ready, we need people in the community to start nominating projects. Then, on September 10th, we will have a morning meet-up, assign volunteers to each project and get started! We are looking for all kinds of project ideas. In the past we have fixed up playgrounds, a baseball field, helped disabled veterans with house projects that they are unable to do themselves. We are open to all kinds of project ideas, but we need people in the community to speak up for their neighbors, their families, and their community spaces.”

Project nominations should be sent to Dominique via email. People can sign up to volunteer, or learn more about Day of Caring on the United way of the Lakeshore website.

In previous years, United Way of the Lakeshore has worked with volunteers to complete a variety of projects. This year we also plan to host an art contest, and we are asking young artists, aged between 5 and 18, to design this year’s logo for Day of Caring. Submissions for the logo can be sent to Dominique, and there will be a special prize for the winner.


“There is something so special about Day of Caring. It is a chance for the entire community to come together. We all have that moment when we are driving around our community and we see a park or a house that needs some care, and we think ‘somebody should help fix that’ and that’s exactly what happens on Day of Caring. So if you’ve seen one of those spots, and had that thought, be sure to let us know.”

United Way of the Lakeshore is uniting to inspire change and build thriving communities.
Our Bold Goal – 10,000 more working families meet their basic needs by 2025.
For more information, contact United Way of the Lakeshore at 231-332-4047 or visit www.unitedwaylakeshore.org.