Ottawa County Commissioners Elect Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson

The Ottawa County Board of Commissioners unanimously elected Matt Fenske (District 11) as chairperson and Al Dannenberg (District 4) as vice-chairperson at the January 3rd, 2022 Ottawa County Board Organizational Meeting.

Matt Fenske

Matt Fenske is in his third term as a County Commissioner and served as vice-chairperson since 2020. He has served on multitudes of County Boards and has chaired the Mental Health Board as well as the Agricultural Preservation Board. Prior to becoming an Ottawa County Commissioner for District 11, Fenske had a 33 year career with the 17th Circuit Court in Kent County. Fenske also serves Tallmadge Township on the Planning Commission and has sat on the Zoning Board of Appeals and Board of Trustees in the past.

Al Dannenberg

Al Dannenberg was elected County Commissioner in 2013 after a decade serving as a Zeeland City Councilman. He currently serves on the Health & Human Services Committee, the Planning & Policy Committee, the Community Mental Health Board, WEMET, the Solid Waste Planning Committee, the Food Services Appeals Board and the Zeeland Recreation Board. In addition to his numerous public service roles, Dannenberg is also a realtor and enjoyed a 35 year career at Mead Johnson.

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