Fruitport Village Council Minutes – 12/20/21


  1. Call to Order
    President Roger Vanderstelt called the meeting to order at 6pm.
  2. Pledge
  3. Prayer
  4. Roll Call
    Present: Roger Vanderstelt, Carl Rothenberger, Amy Haack, Bill Overkamp and Ann LaCroix.
    Absent: Jeff Guiles (excused)
  5. Approval of December 20th Meeting Agenda
    Motion made by Amy to approve the December 20th meeting agenda, supported by Carl. With a unanimous vote, the motion carried.
  6. Approval of the November 15th Council meeting minutes
    Motion made by Amy to approve the November 15th council meeting minutes, supported by Carl. With a unanimous vote, the motion carried.
  7. Public Comment
  8. Correspondence
    Ann reviewed a letter from Muskegon County Emergency Management. The current Muskegon County Hazard Mitigation Plan has expired. A Village representative will need to participate in the plan. Ann asked if any council member would like to be the representative. Amy asked for more information about the meetings. Ann will check into and report back to council.
  9. Reports from Officers
    gave an update on the kayak launch. Amy advised no changes from the Playground Committee. Will work on the removal of the current playground after the holidays.
    Bill the library is actively looking a new location within the Village.
    Carl met with Justin about yearly evaluations. The Personnel Committee will discuss yearly increases after the evaluations are completed.
    Roger had nothing to report.
  10. Reappointment to Library Board
    Council received a letter from Rose Dillon, Fruitport District Library President. The library board recommends the reappointment of William Overkamp to the Fruitport District Library Board for a two-year term beginning January 1, 2022, and to expire on December 31, 2023. Motion made by Roger to reappoint Bill Overkamp as recommended, supported by Amy Haack.
    Roll call AYES: Haack, Rothenberger, Overkamp and Vanderstelt.
    NAYS: None.
    Absent: Guiles.
  11. Handicap Parking Lot
    Roger advised council that there is an issue between two catch basins near the proposed parking lot. Bruce Callen from Callen Engineering discussed the need to fix the pipe between the catch basins before installing a new parking lot. He also gave a general overview of the lot.
  12. 7th & Peach
    Bruce Callen advised he will give an update of the 7th & Peach project at a future meeting.
  13. Abandoned portion of 5th Street
    Roger discussed an issue on the abandoned portion of 5th between Maple and Park. He recommends putting up a snow fence to block vehicles from driving on the abandoned road. Council discussed the issue. Amy suggested that we contact the party that is driving on the road first to see if that would resolve the issue. Ann agreed to contract the Village attorney regarding a letter.
  14. Bridge Street Project
    Ann reviewed the grant received for the Bridge Street Bridge. She advised that Brechting Bridge & Engineering has completed a Type, Size, & Location Study for the Preventative Maintenance project of the Bridge Street Bridge. MDOT now requires an asbestos survey. The survey is approximately $1000.00. The original proposal from Brechting Bridge included a load rating with a cost of $1500.00. Since the receiving the proposal, the Village found a copy of the load rating calculations and a new load rating is not required. The proposal without the load rating and adding the asbestos survey will come in under bid.
  15. Public Comment
  16. Warrants
    Motion made by Carl to approve the warrants, supported by Bill.
    Roll call AYES: Haack, Rothenberger, Overkamp and Vanderstelt.
    NAYS: None
    Absent: Guiles
  17. Adjournment
    Motion made by Carl to adjourn the meeting at 7:03pm, supported by Bill. With a unanimous vote, the motion carried.

    Respectfully submitted by,
    Ann LaCroix Clerk/Treasurer