Year End Double Matching for Donations to Love N Grace Healing Centers

The Impact of Your Sponsorship

Transformational Sponsor
Action: Lead the change. Reduce the cost of healthcare and improve workplace retention by healing one person at a time.
Impact: Over 89% of people completing on our program can no Live Life Healed.
Why Donate: Business Owner – “Improving the retention in the workforce by bringing healing for the reason they mentally can’t work.”

Hope Advocate Sponsor
Action: People find Love N Grace through others that have been through the program.
Impact: 86% of students report improvement at school after being encouraged at their Empowered Kids sessions in their school.
Why Donate: Client – “My psychologist wanted me to come to Love N Grace to heal from my triggers that cause me to use. In a short time, the Love N Grace’s made a huge improvement.”

Legacy Family Sponsor
Action: As Love N Grace’s clients heal, they become contributors to their family and our community.
Impact: Over 50% more sessions of care requested by adults and children.
Why Donate: Encourager – “If I could get parents to understand how the Empowered Kids program helps children in the classroom, and in their home, they’d all sign up.”


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