Letter to the Editor: Taxes

To the Editor:

In regard to the Muskegon County Road Millage, voting February 24, 2015. Four times within 6 – 7 months, asking for tax increases. This will be 5 by the State Sales Tax increase this May. Millions of taxpayer money is spent for these voting days. Why not combine some of these voting days? If money is so tight, why pay $230,000 to remodel a house on Leahy Street, then sell it for $75,000? Who pays the $160,000? We do!

The new MATS bus center, $2.356 million. Officials have plans for recreation – does not include city or townships. This county tax is at market value, not taxable value, a huge increase in our property taxes. There is a discussion about taxing how many miles we drive our cars. Our state and federal are talking about adding more tax at the gas pump. Isn’t it time to stand firm, let politicians know we have had enough of their taking from the people they work for?

Perhaps it is time we clean house. Where is the accountability for all these monies? I haven’t found that money tree they think we grow! Read the fine print. Ask questions.

–Billie Picklesimer
Ravenna, MI

*What about the war on Christianity? Who is fighting to stop this?