Hunting Lottery Now Open – Ottawa County

Ottawa County Parks deer hunting lottery is open through September 1.

Deer hunting plays a crucial role in conservation and ecosystem management. Deer are prey species and without predators they can become overabundant can degrade the diversity of our natural areas. Humans have long been an important predator of deer, keeping our ecosystems balanced.

Ottawa County Parks & Recreation offers hunting on over 3,340 acres of selected properties with some restrictions intended to protect hunters and park visitors alike. Of the 16 properties where hunting is allowed, three properties require special permits each year: Crockery Creek Natural Area, Upper Macatawa Natural Area and North Ottawa Dunes. Lottery drawings are held prior to the hunting periods at each of these sites.

Properties with Hunting Available

hunting map










Applications for Crockery Creek Natural Area and Upper Macatawa Natural Area are now open until noon on September 1. The North Ottawa Dunes application is not yet available.

Hunters may only apply for only one lottery, not both. Hunters whose names are on more than one application will be disqualified from the lottery.

•    Apply for the lottery at Crockery Creek Natural Area
•    Apply for the lottery at Upper Macatawa Natural Area

Hunters selected to receive a special permit via the drawing will be notified whether they are selected by September 16 and must pay a $20 fee to participate in the hunt. Selected hunters must complete a survey at the end of the season in order to be eligible to apply for future hunts.

Those who wish to apply should review the 2016 Lottery Rules & Hunting Maps.