Pokémon Go Sites at the Muskegon County Airport

The Muskegon County Airport has been identified as one of the top-three “Pokémon Go” sites in the Muskegon area. There are several known sites located in the Muskegon Airport Terminal building and in or near the airport property.

“While we support those playing the game, we would ask all players to please be mindful this is a commercial service airport with an established security program,” said Jeffrey Tripp, Muskegon Airport Manager.

“We have been made aware that one location in particular may be located past the security checkpoint.  If this is true, players cannot access this restricted area.  I would also caution players that if there are additional site(s) located within the airport perimeter fence, entering onto airport grounds beyond the fence is prohibited.”

Some general requests for players arriving at the Muskegon County Airport:
1. Please park in short-term terminal parking. The first 30 minutes of parking are free.
2. Please be aware of automobile and bus traffic in the terminal area.
3. The “Gym” is located near the airline ticket counters.  Please do not impede passengers trying to catch their flights.