Candidate Bio: Mark Fairchild

Candidate for Muskegon County Register of Deeds

mfairchild“Mark F. Fairchild, 57 years old residing at 893 Center Street, Muskegon, MI 49442, Married to Shelley for 24 years with our 20 year old son Charlie.
I have served as your Muskegon County Register of Deeds for the last 17 Years. I am a Past Muskegon County Commissioner for 13 Years & Branch Manager for a National Mortgage Lender.
The Register of Deeds Office is very Important to the Citizens, Businesses and Local Economy of Muskegon County. Last year alone the Register=s Office Recorded and Protected Billions of Dollars in new Real Estate Transactions. I have been successful in achieving many positive improvements in the Register of Deeds Office. Those improvements allow me to protect your most Important Real Estate Assets, deliver exceptional customer service and save your Tax Dollars. Those Improvements Online include Property Fraud Guard, Home Security Search and Access to the last 55 years of Register of Deeds Records at
I believe I have the Experience, Dedication and Professional Background to continue providing the Government Leadership and Great Customer Service that the Register of Deeds Office currently provides.  ‘No politics-just public service, The Door is Always Open’
Thank you, Mark F. Fairchild”